Our award-winning product, Vermilion Reporting Suite, is designed to deliver accurate, flexible and scalable client reporting and communications


With Vermilion Reporting Suite, you have the flexibility of generating many different types of report, all within the same solution. These include:

  • Valuations
  • Investment reviews
  • Factsheets
  • Client defined templates
  • Pitchbooks
  • Consultant questionnaires
  • Regulatory filings
  • Management information

Available as a hosted service or an in-house installation, Vermilion Reporting Suite is designed to fit into existing and established business processes.

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Vermilion has vast experience of client reporting. Our services team will deliver substantial added value throughout your implementation of Vermilion Reporting Suite; a value that extends from your own business all the way to your customers.

Vermilion Reporting Suite is a single enterprise solution that delivers a transparent and proven method of streamlining the entire client reporting process. The solution comprises six integrated elements.

  • Control Centre
  • Workflow
  • Data Gateway
  • Commentary
  • Report Generation
  • Distribution
Control Centre

Control Centre

The Control Centre provides the ability to easily access and maintain data within portfolios and provides one of the key benefits of accurate and timely reporting. Control Centre incorporates separate data viewing and alteration options, giving the user the ability to customise the requirements of a specific report – be it portfolio, account or fund.

Control Centre can synchronise with CRM systems in order to populate report data, saving time and reducing the risk of human error associated with double manual entry. As well as managing pure account details, users may configure the system to manage client reports through report selection and component choosers – allowing each account to be personalised for the end-client.

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Binding the six integrated elements is the Workflow. Workflow is a powerful pro-active manager that assimilates the core reporting elements, automating the entire production process and enabling timely delivery of the report outputs.

Using the dashboard view, client reporting teams are able to view the entire reporting process in one screen. Enhanced visibility ensures that any bottlenecks are resolved quickly and effectively, and any problems are escalated accordingly.

Workflow has automatic escalation management, ensuring that the most important issues are dealt with efficiently.

Vermilion - Software Reporting Suite - dashboard
Data Gateway

Data Gateway

The Data Gateway enables most forms of data to be securely extracted from almost any origin. Data can be drawn from a multitude of disparate sources, invariably requiring overall validation and manipulation.



The Commentary service enables writers, analysts, editors and other users to add meaning and interpretation directly into reports using rich text input. Vermilion utilises variable text wizards, which enable the same commentary to be re-used across many clients, funds and in different languages.

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Report Generation

Report Generation

Report Generation arranges your report content into branded page layouts and produces marketing quality documents. Pagination, headers / footers and footnotes are all taken care of automatically by the Vermilion solution. Client service teams are able to personalise report content and create factbooks from multiple reports or factsheets.

Vermilion’s sophisticated report generator fully supports Microsoft Office formats, enabling reports to be quickly generated into Word (.doc), PDF print formats, true PowerPoint presentations (with editable charts, tables and pagination) and Excel, as well as CSV and XML data delivery formats (including HTML, FundsXML and FpML). In this way Vermilion supports the widest range of outputs available in the market place.

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Once a report has been generated, Vermilion can distribute it in many different formats to a variety of destinations.

Controlled within the Workflow, the delivery method for one or a number of reports can be generated automatically. Vermilion Reporting Suite can automatically distribute to any location, such as CRM systems, print houses and email systems as well as other distribution systems.

As demand has increased over recent years for portal capability, our HTML output allows our clients to deliver data straight through to client portals.

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Key benefits

Empowering client service professionals

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Multi Input

Vermilion Reporting Suite can absorb data in any format from almost any system; extract, transform, cleanse, validate, calculate, enrich and perform exceptions monitoring.

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Multi Output

Vermilion Reporting Suite strengthens relationships through timely, visually appealing reports which are tailored to clients’ output preference. These include Word, PDF, PowerPoint, HTML, XML (V:XML), Excel, PostScript and CSV.

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Marketing Quality

Report personalisation, pagination, layout, branding, approval and distribution are all automated within the solution. Little or no manual intervention is required in order to complete a report and branding is always consistent.

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Faster Time to Market

Amendments or additional reports can be completed quickly and simply by business users, thus reducing time or reliance on IT teams or vendors. For example, a chart, graph, text box or even branding can all be created and amended rapidly by business users, vastly reducing the time to market for any new requirements.

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Multi Format

Vermilion Reporting Suite offers the flexibility for companies to choose how they want their reports to be presented to each client in terms of format, branding and the ability to drill through the charts to the underlying raw data. Reporting is all driven from easy to maintain, standardised templates.

Icon Reporting Suite - Template File-use

Template Re-Use

Report templates within Vermilion Reporting Suite need only be built once. Vermilion uses flexible rules that instruct the workflow to automatically include or exclude content based on variables that the client requires.

Additional services

In addition to the extensive functionality outlined above, clients can choose from supplementary services to further enhance their managed, automated and consolidated client and market communications.

Please click on a logo for more details on these services.