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‘In the write-up of this category for last year’s BST Awards, we noted Vermilion’s significant achievement in following up on its success in the 2013 awards by winning the best implementation category for a second year in succession, an achievement reflected by the judges awarding Vermilion the prestigious overall buy-side product of the year category for 2014. Well, the London-based client-reporting specialist has gone a step further by winning this category for a third time on the bounce, the only category that takes into account the practical implications of a third-party provider’s technology from an end-user’s perspective.’


Vermilion runs a dedicated implementations division. The team consists of project managers, business and technical consultants, technical specialists and product and technical trainers, specifically charged with ensuring that best practices are met, implementation is of the highest calibre and every customer benefits from our product expertise – regardless of your global location. Our implementation experts are all recruited from the financial services market place.

Our methodology is based on the industry standard PRINCE2 methodology, but adapted specifically for client reporting projects using the VRS product, and incorporates a structure and phased approach that all clients would recognise. The methodology is used for all projects from the pre-sales phase through to post-implementation, incorporating estimation models, requirements and environment analysis capture, project tracking at elemental levels, status reporting, development, tests, UATs, operational documentation, technical and user training, final and phased releases and post implementation support.

To achieve this, along with standard project planning and tracking tools, Vermilion also utilise their own highly effective Vermilion Accounts Matrix utility to ensure that all the project deliverables are properly identified and managed.

Vermilion Methodology Diagram
Automated Commentary

Automated Commentary

Automatically generate portfolio commentary

Writing portfolio commentary is a costly, lengthy and resource-intensive process. Writers spend days creating commentary only to restart the process again in a few weeks. Sometimes they need to write unique commentary at a moment’s notice to satisfy sales and client needs. Investment managers wish to issue reports sooner, but commentary writers that have other priorities within the business often delay them. Bottlenecks are created and entire report runs can be delayed by days.

A unique agreement

Through a unique agreement, you can now receive portfolio commentary for all your strategies and separately managed accounts (SMAs) in seconds, so your firm has commentary ready on day one of the reporting cycle. An automated process will customise the commentary to incorporate your firm’s style, tone and guidelines, ensuring commentary is written in a consistent and compliant manner.

Advanced natural language generation

Narrative Science is a technology company based in Chicago, Illinois that invented Quill, an advanced natural language generation platform powered by artificial intelligence.

Quill analyses structured data and automatically generates narratives. The platform takes raw data, determines what the data means and then generates easy-to-understand descriptions and explanations in natural language. Vermilion now has a partner agreement to integrate the Quill technology into Vermilion Reporting Suite (VRS).

An industry first

This is the first time a client reporting vendor has integrated an automated portfolio commentary service within its reporting platform. The partnership is about two best-of-breed companies collaborating to create a unique offering to the investment management industry.

If you are considering the purchase of a new VRS licence, you now have the option of incorporating Quill technology. If you are a VRS client already, you can still purchase an additional Quill licence. There will be some customisation in the product, therefore direct licensing with Narrative Science is the simplest and quickest route.

Five key benefits

  1. Embedded directly within the VRS application delivers much tighter integration with existing workflows
  2. Automation addresses the needs of high volume or rapidly-scaling investment management businesses (e.g. those with more than 50 commentaries or strategies on a quarterly basis)
  3. Cheaper than outsourcing the writing of commentary and provides greater scalability
  4. Improved Service Level Agreements, with the ability to address key bottlenecks in quarterly and monthly reporting cycles
  5. Compliance-enhancing solution that adheres to all the rules and regulations associated with producing content

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Custom Reports

Custom Reports

Vermilion’s goal is to provide the best client reporting and communications product to ensure that all your reporting needs are met.

Many of our clients use Vermilion Reporting Suite for all their reporting needs, beyond their usual investment reporting for clients; this includes marketing literature, regulatory reporting, internal reports, management information and custom reports requested by clients or other internal departments.

Vermilion is a report writer, therefore any report can be produced, no matter how intricate the detail required. Our development team can help you create additional components for reports as a custom solution.

Tailored reporting
Translation Service

Translation Service

As asset management firms continue to expand their reach, multilingual reports have become a necessity.

Vermilion has partnered with a market-leading corporate translation specialist to offer report translation into any language. The semi-automated service integrates with Vermilion Workflow to ensure that translations are fully signed-off and delivered on time. The translation service is available for all of our products and services.

Translation Service - multilingual reports
KIID Reporting

KIID Reporting

As UCITS IV Key Investor Information Document (KIID) became a requirement in July 2011, replacing the Simplified Prospectus, Vermilion developed VRS KIID to enable clients to meet this obligation. Vermilion’s VRS KIID is offered in two ways:

  • As an added value module to existing clients
  • As a standalone fully outsourced service

VRS KIID uses the power and flexibility of Vermilion Reporting Suite to fully manage the data sourcing, report generation, commentary management and delivery of KIID. In addition to the functionality that exists in Vermilion Reporting Suite, VRS KIID also automatically completes the Synthetic Risk & Reward Indicator (SRRI) calculations and monitoring.

KIID Reporting